ROOFTOP – 11/November/2020

ROOFTOP – 11/November/2020

ROOFTOP – 11/November/2020

Mr. Basha and Mrs. Priya and their two children live in Veerapuram near Avadi. He is a auto driver, now after the covid19, he is unable to drive auto and pay his auto monthly due. So he and his wife sell things in various traffic signals to meet their basic needs.

Since the condition of the house was so bad, they were unable to live in this house, so for the past one year, every night they stay in their relatives houses. Sometimes the wife will stay with her sister’s place, the husband will stay at his brothers place, some days with their aunt n uncle. Most of the days they sleep on the road side after their sales.

When they shared their deep pain with us, we were literally broken. We couldn’t even imagine how everyday, they went through such painful life.

Today both thanked and said, “finally we have a house, where we can stay together with our children without being illtreated by our relatives”

This help means a lot them and to their children. It is definitely a time to celebrate. I can’t find any better reason for this Diwali season.

We thank all our partners with folded hands for making this possible with their time and money.

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