Puratchiyalar Virudhugal

is our flagship yearly event where we identify and appreciate the extraordinary work done by the parents, teachers and students from Government Schools and NGOs who work among such schools and children.

Every year we choose extraordinary students, teachers, parents and few NGOs across Tamil Nadu. We will be awarding one exceptional student from each of the 67 educational districts in the state along with 32 teachers who served beyond the call of duty, parents who fought against all odds for the upliftment of their children and few NGOs who made a remarkable difference in the lives of the students.

The Head Masters Association of each education district will be helping us to identify the awardees.


Maanava Puratchiyalar Virudhugal is a platform to identify and honor the students from Government Schools who are achieving against all odds in life and are setting an example to others by not restricting themselves to academics. It is also our effort to guide them to pursue their long-term goals.
Innovation is a process of introducing something new to the world and show that there is always scope for betterment of various things we come across in life. Likewise this award has been conceived keeping in mind the life of Indian inventor and engineer G.D.Naidu, also called as the Edison of India. His contributions spanned the fields of industrial, electrical, mechanical, agricultural and automobile engineering and in the field of education. He also contributed to the upliftment of the society through his philanthropic contributions which are still carried on by his family.
Literature is one of the renowned and famous forms of writing and this award has been conceived keeping Bankim, Chandra Chatterjee in mind as he is well known for his literary works and became world famous with one of his work “Vande Mataram”. So we want to bring out the literary talents of the students in field of poetry as well as prose which showcases their talents in this specific field of literature.
Mariappan’s story is a big motivation for people in the field of sports as Mariappan has overcome all the odds in his life, yet come out victorious in winning a gold medal in the Paralympics 2016 held in Rio. For this very same reason we want to bring out the special talents of the kids in the field of sports as they jump all their hurdles in their personal lives; just as they do it in the tracks and we are proud to honour them for their outstanding sporting skills.
As we all know Florence for her kind heart for the people who were hurt during the war and she selflessly helped the wounded soldiers without noticing whether it is day or night. Similarly we have many children in our society who are always having the heart for the society and are always thinking of social causes. We want to identify the children who have the heart for others like Florence Nightingale and honour them for their service to the society.
Jerome Avery and David Brown have made a name for themselves in the Paralympics 2016 held at Rio. Jerome Avery is a guide runner for the blind runner David Brown,the first totally blind athlete. Though Avery did not qualify as an athlete for the 2004 Olympics, He has been working as a guide runner for athletes who are blind and sight impaired and has guided every one of them to attain their new personal best. This award has been conceived keeping in mind the great people like Jerome Avery we come across in our schools, who are sensitive to the needs of the differently or specially abled and help them without expecting anything in return. We are really proud of such students and we want to honour them for their heart and especially for their kindness and patience in looking out for their fellow school mates.
In the busy schedules of studies and various other priorities in lives the children still develop their passion in the line of music and bring some great flavour to their lives as well as the people associated with them in their lives. As we all know how important music is for human lives and there could be none in the world who dislikes music. Hence we want to specially appreciate the children who have special talents not just in music but children who excel in the world of fine arts and have achieved great things.
Nelson Mandela is well known to almost everyone in this world for his work for his country and for how strong he stood as a leader and stood strong inspite of all the time it took. He spent 20 years in the prison and people still looked upon him as a leader and he was elected as Democratic Leader. Likewise we want to celebrate such leadership amongst the children and recognize those particular individuals they look upon as a leader, whom they listen and follow without any hesitation in mind. Those specific students should hold the value of a leader and work for the betterment of each and every individual who follows them and help them with all their heart and soul.


Aasiriyar Puratchiyalar Virudhugal is awarded to those teachers from Government Schools who have shown exemplary efforts to invest their time and energy in bringing the best out of their students by identifying the skills & potential and making them better citizens for the Nation.

Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of a student. APJ Abdul Kalam always used to say that he would like to be remembered as a teacher. Like how Kalam insisted everyone to dream, this award is conceived keeping in mind to recognize those Head Masters & Head Mistress who always have a dream and heart for building the personality of their students and helping them walk towards their dream.

Creativity is all about thinking in new and different ways. Without a shadow of doubt, Einstein was the greatest mind to have graced the world, revolutionizing the way science was seen. He was the greatest teacher who taught the world on how to kindle ones’ mind to think on complex things. Likewise, we wanted to celebrate such creative teachers who demonstrated their creativity in their way of teaching that makes the kinds learn their subject easily and interestingly.

As we all know Srinivasa Ramanujan for his extraordinary brilliance and knowledge in his own field & additional fields due to his incredible inquisitiveness. This award is conceived in mind for those teachers who are approached for all knowledge related requests either be it for the students or for other teachers.

Anne Sullivan is an American Teacher best known for being a great instructor and life-long companion of Helen Keller, a special child who later became a great American Author, Political Activist & Lecturer. Hence we specifically wanted to appreciate those teachers who showed exemplary love & care to the children which makes the kids feel their school as their second home.

As we all know Mother Teresa as a personality who was on a mission of restoring the lost. She is known for restoration of love to the unloved and care to the uncared by reaching out to the unreachable. Likewise, we wanted to recognize & appreciate those teachers who went on an extra mile to restore the interest in studies for those students who were unable to perform well and get them back to normal way as other kinds in the School.

Gopichand is a former badminton player and now a Chief National Coach for the Indian Badminton Team who raised many exemplary stars like Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu and many more. This award was conceived having Gopichand Pullela in mind for those teachers who help children to realize their potential in sporting discipline through the extraordinary provision of instructions, advice and encouragement.

Maria Montessori is an Italian Physician & Educator best known for the philosophy of education that bears her name. She insisted teaching to be a reality and not just theoretical. Similarly we wanted to appreciate those teachers who triggered the natural curiosities within the students and for building a solid foundation emphasizing their eagerness for continuous learning, collaborative play and experiential wisdom leading to a deeper understanding.


Pettror Puratchiyalar Virudhugal is a platform to recognize and honour those parents who have provided sacrificial support to their kids to unravel the potential within them and travelling with them to live their Dreams.


Samugha Puratchiyalar Virudhugal is given to those individuals and NGO’s who have the heart for the betterment of children, their education and a vision to transform the society through their tireless efforts in making these come true.